Reasons to Consider Spray Foaming Roofing System

The spray foaming roofing system has become popular in great roof repairs and insulation. You are probably wondering what spray foam is. It’s a technique that involves a combination of polyol and isocyanate. They are then turned into a spray that is used on your roof. This is an excellent way to strengthen your roof and improve its life expectancy. There are a multitude of reasons you should consider spray foam for your roof.

You are assured of a Waterproof Seal

No one wants to stay in a house that is leaking. Foam roofs neither expands nor contracts and they are also known to form a tight seal. Forming this seal in various parts of the roof such as the vents, pipes, skylights and chimneys prevents water from seeping through the roof. This seal can hardly be broken.

High Insulation Capabilities

Professionally, this is known as R-value. It is important to know that spray foam roofs offers the highest value in the market of up to 6.5 which means its energy efficient. This is pretty important for every homeowner. During the summer season, the house remains cool due to the spray foam’s color while in winter; it remains warm as no heat escapes.

It’s an Easy Installation

It’s an easy installation for the expert roofer. Just because it is easy, you do not have to do it yourself knowing very well that you are not skilled. You could be doing more damage than good. The old roof does not need to be torn off for the spray foam roof to be installed.

Boosts the Appearance of the Home

Regardless of the design or theme of your home, a foam roof will boost its appearance. It maintains its aesthetic appeal for a long time to come ensuring that the roof will not wane. Your roof is always exposed to UV rays and having roof foam will prevent it from damages resulting from exposure.

Foam Roofs are Versatile

You have a pitched, saw-toothed or an unusual slope on your roof. You are replacing your aged roof but you have no idea whether the spray foam roof will work on your house since you have only seen it on new construction houses or flat roofs. The advantage of spray foam roofs is that they are versatile. You can use them on any roof whether it’s a replacement you are doing or new construction.


Another advantage is foam roofs are known to be durable. The best way to ensure this is by re-coating it every five years and ensuring proper maintenance.

Saves you Time and Money

Time is of the essence. Tearing off an old roof consumes time and you also spend more money on the project. Considering that you will not have to pay for the labor and waste removal costs, foam roof will save you money and time.

Although installing a foam roof is easy, you will need to hire an expert. Look for a roofer with years of experience for the best results. It’s a great option as you will not have to worry about its durability and waste management.